Banners Broker Strategy – How and Why You Should Purchase a Traffic Pack?

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Banners Broker Strategy – Recruit or Purchase Traffic Packs?Banners_ Brokers_Strategy

The great thing about banners Broker is that you have a choice? A choice between either recruiting or purchasing traffic packs. Either way it is impossible not to make money with Banners Broker!

Its your choice and a very simple choice. If you can recruit… recruit into your Banners broker business. By recruiting,  Banners Broker will award you traffic, you can then allocate that traffic and qualify your panels. Once your panels are qualified you can either repurchase some more panels or you can withdraw 50% of what that panel is worth.


If you can’t recruit or do not want to recruit, you can make your money by purchasing traffic packs.  What you need to do first is to ascertain how many panels you have (at the start that depends on which Banners Broker Package you purchased) and as the panels cap out from the complementary traffic, decide the amount of traffic you need?

The Perfect Banners Broker strategy does exist! However, the video below will give you a good understanding of how and why you should purchase Banners Broker Traffic Packs… 50% of the overall Banners Broker strategy.

Banners Broker Strategy – Recruit or Purchase Traffic Packs Video?

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